Premium Glass Printing Technique for Your Furniture

Glass digital printing is the new premium look for your furniture.

digital print glass intrior.com

Digital Printing laminates and back printed glass are as personal as your interiors can get. They’re a contemporary marvel of interior design. Chances are popular designs and color combinations will crop up in homes designed from various interior designers other than yours. But with digital laminates and back printed glass, apart from the various options of numerous designs and color combinations, you can even create your very own digital laminate and back printed glass – all that is required is a high-resolution image. You could replicate nature, enlarge and impanel family portraits, even immortalize holiday landscapes. Intrior are so much more than just a surfacing solution. Children’s favorite cartoon characters, abstract art, natural weaves, the choices are endless. We at Intrior help clients to make decisions and personalize their interior.

digital print glass intrior.com

Present-day digital printers ensure fast and accurate printing and colors that do not lose their vibrancy even if used outdoors. Digital laminates and back printed glass, like other laminates and glass, are man-made, hardy, versatile, and durable. They’re scratch-proof and easy to clean. Can have a gloss finish or matt, depending on personal preferences. And also like most laminates and glass, they’re prefinished, so once they’re in and installed they don’t need any finishing touches.

digital print glass intrior.com

Not only can they be used as a decorative option for doors or cupboards, cabinets and furniture but digital laminates and glass can create backsplashes, statement walls and panels. With use of such latest techniques at Intrior and can create images, designs, details, that make interiors beautiful and personal, even memorable.

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