Why Do We Make False Ceiling?

Need to know why false ceiling is necessary and what are its types, go ahead!

A false ceiling is also known as a dropped ceiling, which is aimed to transform your interior space. In simpler words, it is a second ceiling concealing with the original.It is also referred to as suspended ceiling, T-bar ceiling or grid ceiling. False ceilings are used to provide an aesthetic feel to residential as well as the commercial places. But as designers in Intrior feel, function follows form; they are also good for thermal insulation and sound absorption. Plaster of Paris is popularly used to make false ceilings because it can be easily moulded into various shapes and designs. However, gypsum boards, modular ceilings, PVC sheets, and metal ceilings are also used on a large scale. Miss Diksha one of the best interior designers from team Intrior has designed the same for Mr A.Mayeker, he lives in Rodas, Hiranandani, Thane west.


  • Plaster Of Paris (POP) Ceilings
  • Plaster Of Paris (POP) Ceilings intrior.com

    Plaster of Paris (POP) is the most popular materials used in a variety of commercial as well as residential roofing. POP is the cheapest amongst all the false ceiling materials.We use gypsum to make plaster of paris. It's available in powder form, which you can turn into a paste according to your design. POP is mixed with water and it is applied on a fibreboard or wood base which suspends to form the false ceiling.

    Mr.Sagar one of the best interior designers of team Intrior has made very good use of a false ceiling for Mr Avinash in Mangalmurti, at 90 ft road, Thakurli. POP false ceilings are amenable to various designs and shapes which give different finishes including uniform and smooth finish as well as designs of various shapes.

  • Gypsum False Ceilings
  • Gypsum False Ceilings intrior.com

    Gypsum is the most commonly used material to make a false ceiling. It is a sulfate of calcium available as an evaporite mineral. Gypsum is a popular material for ceilings because of its thermal, sound insulation, lightweight and fire resistance properties. Gypsum boards can be hung with an iron framework to build a false ceiling. The aesthetic look of gypsum sheets can be enhanced by finishing them with paints and laminates.

    Mr. Pravin, one of the best interior designers of our team intrior has designed the gypsum false ceiling of Mr. Mahajan’s Residence in Navi Mumbai. Gypsum is quite flexible, Intrior can easily provide designs in different shape and texture options – plain, curved, stepped and coffered. It is available naturally in the shades of colours brown, white, red, yellow and grey. It is also available as a colourless (clear) material. It comes in standard sizes of 6 feet X 4 feet and 8 feet X 4 feet.

  • PVC False Ceilings
  • PVC False Ceilings intrior.com

    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a plastic material for false ceilings which is used in garages, basements, kitchens, toilets and bathrooms. PVC ceiling is one of the most commonly used materials for false ceilings.Miss Diksha one of the best interior designers of team Intrior has designed PVC false ceiling of Mr Nayak's Residence in Dombivli, Mumbai. It is easy to clean and maintain. PVC ceiling panels are a very cheapest alternative to other costlier panels.This is the type of ceiling which is suitable for all types of climate. These panels are very lightweight and resistant to moisture and termites.They are not affected by UV light and hence are colour fast.These are easy to install false ceilings.

  • Glass False Ceilings
  • Glass False Ceilings intrior.com

    The glass ceiling is non-crystalline material which has character of non-brittle and non-transparent but can be altered for these features. Being a non-crystalline but transparent material, it is a good material to work with for improving the aesthetic look of a false ceiling. Their transparency can be used to make small spaces look bigger. It is susceptible to design different elements such as colouring, laminating and patterning.

    Glass is a good heat insulator,They are resistant and also give different designs that increase the visual appearance. Glass ceiling can be a suitable roofing solution in establishments such as libraries, restaurants, book stores and jewellery shops. Interior Designer Mr Sagar of team Intrior has designed the Residence of Mrs Dalvi in Sarvoday Valley Dombivli, Mumbai. He has used glasses and mirrors in her Residence and she liked the interior.

  • Wooden False Ceilings
  • Wooden False Ceilings intrior.com

    Wooden false ceilings have natural patterns and textures that can please the eye. Wooden ceilings are created with strips of plywood and these strips are either nailed or glued together. Wooden panels come in the form of hollow blocks, panels or boards. Wooden strips are supported by the help of ply. Because the plywood ceiling has insulating properties, it is used in places with cold climates. Wood is a good material to work with. Wooden ceilings are easy to install often with just screws and nails. These ceilings are durable but are susceptible to termite attacks and warping.

    Wood panels are among the more expensive panels because of their high cost of material and the higher cost of maintenance. Wood ceiling panels can offer highly pleasing aesthetics giving the ceiling a rich and sophisticated look.

  • Metal False Ceilings
  • Metal False Ceilings intrior.com

    Metals are very hard and durable materials, which can increase the life of the ceiling. Metals such as aluminium and galvanized iron are widely used in false ceilings. They can be easily installed and reattached. Metal ceiling panels can be finished in innovative ways to increase the aesthetic appeal of the ceiling. Metal ceilings are very less in cost and do not need high maintenance. Mr Naresh one of the interior designers of team Intrior has designed Mrs Geeta Gupta’s Commercial project (IMCO ALLOYS) in Ambernath, Mumbai, where he has use metal in ceiling.

  • Fibre False Ceilings
  • Fibre False Ceilings intrior.com

    Fibre false ceilings are gaining popularity in commercial applications because they are available at low costs. These ceilings are also known as acoustic or soundproofing ceilings for their sound and heat insulation properties. Fibre ceiling panels are not suitable for residential applications because they lack aesthetic appeal.

  • Fabric And Synthetic Leather False Ceilings
  • Fabric And Synthetic Leather False Ceilings intrior.com

    Fabric and synthetic leather ceilings can create a special ambience because they can be created in many intricate designs to match with the rest of the interiors. Since it is a man-made product, we can turn out these materials into any design and shape. Since they are functionally weak but aesthetically strong, they are useful in temporary situations such as exhibitions or events.

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