9 Easy Ways to Decor Your Living Room

Must read list for best decor ideas for living rooms.

Not every furniture piece that you buy suits your style, liking and the interior design decor of your living room. Being the central place to end the day and share everything with the family, a living room holds tons of significance in everyone’s life. clients nowadays like to experiment with the interior of the living rooms to channelize their aesthetic sense and feelings into the living room. Experimentation with the furniture tops the list among other major creativity involved in the decoration of the living room.

Keeping this in perspective, Furniture in Fashion has been presenting creative and innovative modern and contemporary furniture for the living rooms that put the clients in awe. From coffee tables to console tables, sideboard furniture to sofa sets, reclining chairs to display stands and decorative mirrors, you can find everything that can raise the bar of your living room by miles from Furniture in Fashion. However, to give you the right ideas about what you can do to decorate your living room in the ideal setting, here are a few tips and tricks which you can use. Make sure that you avail the best furniture and decorations from intrior to design a classy and aesthetically pleasing living room.

1. Add paneling for decoration and storage

Add paneling for decoration and storage intrior.com

There are no harm to have wooden paneling hanging on your walls. Surprisingly, they don’t cover much space but offer storage for your decorations which is a perfect excuse to get them. Wood paneling mounted on walls provides a lot more elegance to the room. Intrior has done work for Mr Rahul in Ashar Sapphire - Residential Projects in Thane,painted in customized colours to compliment your entire furniture and living room, you can tune up the living room entirely. Experimenting with the metallic coloring or cowhide prints is a creative touch that you can add to your wood panels.

2. Balance New and Old

Balance New and Old intrior.com

You can always experiment with the Indian furniture style where teak wood carving is the key with softer color touches. Furniture in Fashion offers furniture options and decoration pieces in the ivory, sand and buff colors to keep the interior minimal and lighter for the eyes.

There is one trend that never goes out of fashion and it is the trend of wooden furniture. You can grab wooden coffee tables or console tables and add a soft cushioning to the living room to give it a cabin style. The Earthy tones such as terracotta, sand or beige in the sofa sets are provided by the company which can complement the entire wooden appeal of the living room.

3. Rug it out with Statement Rug

Rug it out with Statement Rug intrior.com

Take a rug and place it in the living room without giving a second thought. You can point all your furniture to it to ensure that there is symmetry in the room. The rugs from Furniture in Fashion are versatile and will be complimenting your living room and its interior in the best way possible. You can choose the trendy ones or the traditional ones as per your liking which will be sturdy and affordable as well.

4. Tinted Mirror

For a relaxed mantel look, rest a sturdy style against the wall – no hammering required.

Tinted Mirror intrior.com

Mirrors are never boring. You can add as many as you like in your living room. Not only will they brighten up your room but will be aesthetically pleasing as well. With mirrored furniture in the form of consoles, coffee tables and sideboard. This will be a great addition to the room to make it more trendy and up to date as per the modern trends, Intrior had used this in Acme Ozone township in Thane for Mr Suresh.

5. Decorate the walls

Decorate the walls intrior.com

You must add as much decoration on the wall as much you like. From a painting to wall hangings to aesthetically pleasing decorations like glass and metal wall art offered by Intrior, you can always be creative with the walls. The soothing colors will allow these decorations to outshine each piece of furniture in the room so make sure that you decorate the wall well as done in Balaji Symphony at Panvel, Navi Mumbai, for Mr Desai.

6. Contemporary Warmth

Contemporary Warmth intrior.com

The velvet furniture is never out of fashion. Make your living room feel much airer (and spacious) by replacing a bulky sectional with pretty seating. Besides, what feels more luxe than velvet? You can explore the furniture options in velvet for sofas, chairs and rugs which will bring back this trend right on your living room. Intrior is loaded with velvety furniture to positively ease your way into adopting this aesthetically pleasing furniture style.Golden yellow touches bring coziness to this family room — and that antique-inspired wall clock makes quite the statement, too. Lakhani Builders Pvt ltd at Vashi we at Intrior best interior designers in vashi did bright colors will be a big surprise in the living room that will cheer you up after a hard day, of Mr Imran Khan

7. Bonus Materials - Leather is Better

Bonus Materials - Leather is Better intrior.com

Underused neutrals rust and charcoal echo throughout with woodsy elements like oak, cedar, stone, and leather. You can experiment with the leather couches and sofas for the living room. The darker hues will bring a lot more stability and traditional sense to the room which can be complemented with the brighter backdrop.we made sure that Mrs DishaTiwari who is resident of Marathon Nexzone choose the furniture which compliments the entire room including the decorations.

8. More lightings, please

More lightings, please intrior.com

Add lights to the living rooms. You cannot sit in a darker room and talk to your family. Having lightings with lamps and bulbs with natural lighting will brighten up the interior of the entire room. For Mrs Abhidnya Bhave at Mahindra Lifespaces - Chandivali, Pendant lighting is a big plus in the living room to add more light and highlight the interior of the room. You can always look up the product section of Furniture in Fashion to find the best lighting options for your living room.

9. Collected Look stuff

Collected Look stuff intrior.com

“We wanted to make it feel more holistic while still honoring its heritage,”

The antique wooden beams are a welcome contrast to the modern furniture. You can always display your art and your decoration in your living room. For this, you will not require wall paneling. You can go for the sideboards which will hold all your memories and significant memories to cherish for the rest of your life. All you need is to make the right space for the sideboard cabinets to enhance the beauty of your living room.

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